Louis Menteur

Cyclopic Mercenary of the Tete' de la Morte


Born into the Tete’ de la Morte (Death’s Head) mercenary company, Louis has been fighting wars and losing family since the day his mother pushed him out in a Afghanistan trench.

A career mercenary, Louis was thirteenth in line (after various half- and full-siblings)to inherit ‘the family business’, but after WWI found himself at the head of the ancestral mercenary corps, albeit tremendously diminished.

Rakish, reckless, and jaded up to the gates of hell itself, Louis was – of the entire company – probably the least effected by the events that occurred beneath the rolling, blasted hills of France, though to this day he awakens in a cold sweat at times, nightmares of an evil purple glow dancing around in his head.

He returned to Paris after the war and had three children by two different mothers, two of whom have taken up arms with the Tete’ de la Morte, much to their father’s pride.

Louis Menteur

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